Global ticketing solutions are available for travel, venues, and events, supporting numerous industries including mass transportation, tourism, and entertainment. Global ticketing solutions provide remote ticket sales, contactless payment, and access control. They are centred on ease of use for the operator and every final customer, alike.

Trust in the security of these solutions is a fundamental requirement. As the dedicated Certification Body for global ticketing solutions, TrustCB ensures that the products integrated in these solutions are analysed and tested by experienced evaluation and test labs , to determine the degree of resistance against state-of-the-art attacks.

There are multiple ticketing solutions that compete in the market place, with a common need for a trusted high level of security. On behalf of the brand and technology owners, TrustCB has brought the shared security requirements together in one set of overarching requirements. Under these generic comparable requirements, the specific technologies are addressed by means of their own dedicated, optimised schemes: