The Netherlands scheme for Certification in the Area of IT Security (NSCIB) has been set up to enable the evaluation and certification of information technology (IT) product security aspects. The objective of the Scheme is to enable IT products and systems to be evaluated and certified in the Netherlands in a way that conforms to the so called ‘Common Criteria’ methodology (ISO-standard 15408) for Evaluation and Certification.

As the Certification Body, TrustCB B.V. certifies the security of IT products and systems in accordance with the procedures specified in the NSCIB scheme documentation and the evaluation standards, criteria and methodology listed in here. TrustCB B.V. will take into account, amongst other evidences, the evaluation technical reports issued by the ITSEF, licensed as laid out in part 3 of the NSCIB scheme documentation.

Certification scheme
TrustCB B.V. is responsible for implementing and managing the Netherlands Scheme for Certification in the Area of IT Security (NSCIB).

Certification body
TrustCB B.V. is a certification body, undergoing accreditation by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for the Common Criteria.

Certified products
TrustCB B.V. now is responsible for issuing all certificates and will publish all certificates issued under the Netherlands scheme in accordance with the conditions of the CCRA and SOG-IS MRA for international recognition.

Evaluation Facilities (ITSEFs)
TrustCB B.V. will be responsible for licensing evaluation facilities for Common Criteria in accordance with the Netherlands scheme.
To become a licensed evaluation facility an application may be sent to TrustCB B.V.

The marks that are presented on a certified product is used to inform the user that a product or system has been evaluated in accordance with the Common Criteria and the terms of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) and the SOG-IS Mutual Recognition Agreement (SOG-IS MRA).

More information on the Common Criteria standard and the method of evaluation may be found on this website.

NSCIB Application

See NSCIB Certificates
The TrustCB Shared Procedures are posted on the Policies & Procedures page.