TrustCB is founded on more than 45 years of collective experience gained by the CEO and COO in the Common Criteria and smartcard industry. Our experience benefits from our time spent as evaluators of 25+ products and certifiers of 40+ products, also from decades spent forming, authoring, refining, and influencing policy in this sphere.

We have created a practical, useful and efficient certification model that is fully compatible with both the letter and intent of the Common Criteria. The foundations of this approach are already being used efficiently and effectively in specialised smartcard domains, and are actively being expanded to a wide range of other domains. TrustCB is a commercial Certification Body specialising in certifying IT security products (and associated sites, processes and services) evaluated according to international and industry standards. TrustCB complies with the accreditation criteria of the requirements for commercial bodies that certify products, processes and services as laid down in ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

Our motto is “Trust and Verify”.

Trust enables efficient optimisation of the processes used by the developers, evaluators, and fellow certification bodies, thereby focussing the effort on the parts that really matter.

Verification ensures that all parties remain trustworthy; any loss of trust would make any further evaluations too inefficient to consider. Simply put, our deep knowledge checks make faking it too difficult.

This dynamic combination of trust and verification creates and sustains the certification process in the ultra-efficient realm, enabling accelerated and predictable timelines, avoiding the substantial financial losses of missed deadlines, while maintaining the required high assurance level.

To maintain trust and verification confidently and competently, TrustCB draws on its considerable experience in the certification and evaluation field. These 45+ years of experience enable TrustCB to apply the rigour of the Common Criteria certification process to the highest assurance of smartcards, and tailor it to other specialised domains, such as MIFARE, IoT, and the automotive sector.

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