A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, that this the renewed website of TrustCB. Our website continues to have the places for the formal communications under the scheme specific sections. What is new, is that we’ve added functionality for this blog you are now reading.

I hope and expect that by sharing our thoughts here in a more informal way, we can facilitate better understanding and grow trust. After all, in relationships trust grows when you understand the other better and can predict their behaviour better. Especially if their behaviour is in line with what they promise, and with your own ethics.

So we will be using this blog to share:

  • ways we look at evaluation/certification activities, to give you an understanding of how we make certain decisions,
  • conference summaries and commentaries (in continuation of Wouter’s summaries of the ICCC), to share content for those who could not attend
  • fun and interesting developments we see in the field, to share knowledge and amusement, and
  • only the really interesting marketing.

You can expect the tone of the blog entries to reflect individual authors’ personality authentically. This is to keep reading (and writing!) blog entries interesting, and to remind us all that this is not scheme documentation.

It also gives me (Wouter) an excuse to slip in references to my favourite pop culture, such as the Frank Herbert quote (from “Dune”) that I started with.

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